Saturday, October 25, 2003

Must See TV:

CNN 6:00PM Est. & 11:00PM Est. Loe Dobbs
Exporting America. (Every weeknight).

PBS Stations in your area - Sunday Oct 26 11:00pm
NOW With Bill Moyers - Episode #239
"Corporate efforts to cut employees' wages and benefits."

CBS Evening News - 10/22/2003 - 6:30PM Est. Story on H-1B.
Hundreds of thousands of jobs in this country are going to people brought in from other countries to do your work for less pay. That story on Wednesday's CBS Evening News.

C-SPAN Loss of Manufacturing Jobs
Dorgan, Byron L., U.S. Senator, D-ND
(First shown Friday 11/14/2003 on CSPAN).

C-SPAN2 'House Hearing on Movement of High-Skilled Jobs Overseas'
Great Segment - Please email CSPAN - a Request to repeat.
(First shown Monday 10/20/2003 on CSPAN2).

And to really make you sick, on Thanksgiving Day
CNBC will show a one hour segment on The Indian Economy.
The show be aired (Twice), 11:00AM and 5:00PM. WOW!
(Dear CNBC, How about showing a segment on the American Economy and how over 18 millions UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS are in the poor house, due to H-1B/L1 Visas and outsourcing, all thanks to our politicians for allowing it and the media for looking the other way).

Friday, October 10, 2003

Coalition for National Sovereignty and Economic Patriotism
National Association for the Employment of Americans
Complex Numbers (Dog-One!) Wake Up Call
The above website is dedicated to the millions of AMERICAN workers that have been replaced or will be replaced by foregin workers. It was put together to educate the AMERICAN worker that still have jobs and to get people to rally together to stop the reinstating of SLAVERY.

Friday, October 03, 2003

The Voice of American People - TalkToTheCamera

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